+ Birthday Party Packs

What is a Party Pack?

Celebrate birthdays at the movies with Uptown Entertainment Party Pack. 10 or more children for only $10.50 each and the birthday child is free! Children 12 & under please. Includes movie admission tickets and Kid’s Pack (small drink, popcorn and small candy).

+ School Groups

What qualifies a school group?

Any school purchasing tickets with a minimum of 50 students.

What is the price?

$5.75 per student.

What time can my school group come?

Show times vary between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM before the theatre opens.

Will concessions be opened /closed?

Concessions can be open for general purchase or closed based upon request.

Can we pre purchase concessions?

Yes, concession items may be pre-purchased and set up “Grab & Go” style for students.

+ Donations

How can I make a Donation?

Since establishment Uptown Entertainment has been a proud active participant in the communities we serve. 

  • All requests must be made no later than 30 days prior of the event.


  • Letter of request must include:
    • Description of Request (if the donation requested is for an event, describe the event and include: date, location, and expected attendance).
    • How will your organization recognize Uptown Entertainment’s support?
    • When donation is needed?
    • Contact name and phone number
  • Submit request by US Mail to: 
                                     Uptown Entertainment
                                     Donation Request
                                     211 S. Old Woodward
                                     Birmingham, MI 48009


  • Fax No. (248) 723-6231

All donation requests must be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off.
* All donations must be in writing.  
* No cash donations will be provided.

Due to the numerous requests, an Uptown Entertainment representative will contact you should your request be approved.


+ Corporate/Social and Private Events

What does the rental include?

A guest/client rents the particular theatre for use up to three hours. In-house movies may be shown free of charge. Other movies and presentations are subject to additional pricing.

What size theatres do you have?

Between the two theatres, 50 – 370 seats theatres.

Where can I rent a theatre?

Theatre rentals are available at all our theatres - Birmingham 8 Theatre in Birmingham or the Ren Cen 4 Theatre located in the GM Renaissance Building in downtown Detroit.

Can I bring in Food & Beverage?

No outside food or beverage of any type is allowed.

Is there alcohol available?

Alcohol service is available at all theatres for private events. Please call (248) 723-6228 for details.

What are my movie choices?

Any in-house movie playing is available. 3D movie are subject to theatre restrictions and additional charges.